Again with these ornaments?
Yes, the timestamp on this post is correct.

Weekends just go way too fast.

Well, at least during this time of year.  It's just an insane time of year at work, and it always seems that Monday morning comes a lot quicker than it should.  

I went into work yesterday (yes, yesterday as in Sunday.....), only to find that my computer was acting all crazy.  Good times, right?  Story of my life, actually.  Especially at work.  I've already had one hard drive explode, why not have my new laptop combust as well?  I waited about a half hour after trying various things to get it to work, and since it was having none of that, I picked up my stuff and headed out.  I guess it was a little sign that I didn't actually have to go in yesterday, that I'll be able to finish all of my stuff with plenty of time to spare.  We'll see if that's actually true when next Friday rolls around...

Anyhooter.  Yesterday was an unexpected day to do stuff around the house, since I'd planned on being at work most of the day, so I started getting ready for Wednesday.  What's Wednesday, you ask?  Oh, only the little bridal shower I planned for one of my friends at work who's getting married next month.  Since my mixer is being a pain in the ass again (for those of you who are unaware of my mixer plight -- it now suddenly has 2 speeds:  off and warp.), I had to find recipes that did not require anything other than a good ol' whisk.  So, I got out my Magnolia baking book (if you don't have this book, you HAVE TO GET IT and the earlier one Alyssa wrote.  I have yet to make a bad recipe from this book, and her recipe for Red Velvet Cake is INSANE and PERFECT.), and made the trusty recipe for Hello Dolly! bars.  They're scrumptrulescent (bonus points for the follower who can tell me where that word originated...), and you all must make them.  I'm telling you -- these bars are to.die.for.  The men in my office eat these bars by the fist-full.  Next time I'm getting gluten-free graham cracker crumbs to make these so I can have them, and not just eat a spoonful of chocolate chips sprinkled with coconut.  I mean....whoops.....

So, I made the Hello Dolly! bars, and set them aside to cool, while doing laundry (I think I got lost in the piles for a solid half hour before finding my way back across the laundry room) and straightening up the kitchen.  Then, I went to mass like a good little Catholic girl, came home, and went straight up to my third floor to do some cardmaking.  A bridal shower has to have cards!  I've been gathering quite the stash of wedding crafty stuff, since my sister's wedding is also approaching, and I'll be making stuff for her, too.  So, I pulled everything out, and went to work.  The first one I made has an a-dorable stamped bride and groom:


I added flowers to the bottom corner with some shiny brads, and stamped the word "bliss" using typeface alphabet stamps, cut each one out, and glued them to the card.  I think it came out super cute.  Not over the top with too much going on, but just right :-)

The second one was even easier than the first, since I'd finally fallen into my card-making groove:

Adorable, right!  I don't know why, but the flourish stamp I put on the envelope came out blurry.  I put that on both envelopes to be a pretty little addition to a cutie card! 

On the inside of both cards, I put a very simple sentiment:

I hope Danielle likes them! :-)

I also spent some time at my sewing machine this weekend.  Actually, I spent the bulk of the Phillies CLINCHING GAME at the sewing machine, with Franski and LA announcing all the greatness happening at Citizens Bank!!  Anyways.........

What did I sew?  Well, some of you may remember this cover I made myself for my nook.  Well, one of my friends recently got herself a nook color, so I asked her if she wanted me to make her a cover.  She said she'd love one, so I told her I would surprise her with the pattern and make her a cover.  

This is a sneak peek of the cover I made for her --

Sorry Phils Phans...that's all you get to see for now.  She reads my blog, so I can't give away too much before she gets her pretty cover :-)  (side note, though:  I'm pretty daggone proud of myself for getting those blocks to match up!  Go me!)

That's all I have for today, folks.  Make today a fabulous fall day and do something creative!  Make some mulled cider and sit out back under a blanket and take in the crisp fall air!  I know I will be doing just CBP to see my Phils crush the Cards!!  Playoffs are almost here!!  Woohoo!!!!