Weekends just go way too fast.

Yes, the timestamp on this post is correct.

What am I doing up at this ungodly hour, you ask?  Well, I just got done a marathon baking session and putting the finishing touches on decorations and gift wrap for the bridal shower at work tomorrow.

I made a bangin' pumpkin cake that quite literally looks like a pumpkin.  It's an awesome, AWESOME recipe to go with this spiffy pan from Nordicware.  I love making this cake, especially because it's so festive and fun.  I used pumpkin cream cheese icing in the middle, which is just.delicious.

Oh.yum.  To.die.for.

I also made maple sugar fall cakelettes that are in the shape of acorns, pumpkins, pinecones, and walnuts.  They're super cute, but take foreverandaday to sandwich together with icing.  Especially when the icing is maple syrup cream cheese icing while, although DELISH, is a bit gooey and runny thanks to the maple syrup.  So, I sandwiched those bad boys and put them directly into the fridge so they solidify a little bit before I bring them into the office tomorrow.

While the last batch of the little cakelettes was baking, I ran up to my craft room to finish making the little banners I made to decorate the conference room.  Using my Cricut and the Tie the Knot cartridge, I cut out each individual letter and its shadow to create this --

Cute, right?!  I glued each individual letter to twine, so I can hang these up in the conference room and add some bright colors to our drab walls for the festivities.

Also while I was up there, I decorated a pillow box I got from Paper Source for the gift card we got as part of the gift.  This is always fun to do, since you can dress up the box however you want to make it one of a kind.  I got out a flower stamp, my Versamark watermark stamp pad (which I won at the grand opening at Walnut Street!!), and some plum embossing powder.  This is the magic that embossing powder brings to your stamped creations.  


I hope you can see the stamped awesomeness on this pillow box.  I have a slight love affair with embossing powder, I won't lie.  It's so much fun and SO easy to add dimension to your work.  The pink and black ribbon is part of Danielle's theme, and even though the pinks don't quite match perfectly (which is driving me only slightly crazy, since when I got the embossing powder I would have sworn it would match perfectly with the ribbon I alread had at home...but I digress...), I think this little box came out quite cute :-)

Next up:  the gift basket.  I decided wrapping the gifts was too much, and since we're all busy at work right now, I didn't want to keep people away from their desks too long, even though we're having this lil' soiree at lunchtime.  So, I got two baskets (50% off, of course) at Michaels, and put everything inside the baskets.  No frills, no fluff, just the gifts.  I did want to dress up the basket just a smidge, so this is what I decided to do:

IMG_3605I took the wide pink ribbon and wrapped it all the way around the basket, then did the same with the black ribbon.  Then, I took the "U" I cut the other night (also from the Cricut Tie the Knot cartridge) and adhered it to the ribbon on the front of the basket.  Such a simple fix so you don't have to wrap the gifts!  And, she now has storage baskets!  Woot!  I have another basket, but I didn't do anything quite as fancy as this ribbon-wrapping since 130a was rapidly approaching, so I just took this tag I made the other night, and hung it from the handle of the basket with twine.  Very simple, yet adds a splash of color, thanks to the bright pink.  I did add a little something to two of the gifts in the basket....I bought spaghetti sauce from Williams and Sonoma, and decided that they both needed just a little something.  Nothing else in the basket needed anything, but these jars definitely did.  

So, I took fabric, cut a circle, and used it as a jar topper.  Then, I took black ribbon and wrapped it around the top to look like a band.  

Voila!  A simple fix to a boring jar!

Alright peeps.  That's all I have for this ridiculous hour of the morning.  I hope you have a fantastic hump day, and that you can take time to do something creative today!