Winter is coming...

Any "Game of Thrones" fans out there???  I CANNOT wait for the new season to begin.  Cannot wait.  I love my HBO series......but I do not love that they make you wait a full friggin year for the new season of your favorite shows.  Makes me angry.  "Boardwalk Empire" just ended, now I gotta wait till April for GOT.  Not happy.  I need something to keep me going these cold winter nights.
Well.  Once it actually GETS cold.  I'm not complaining....but I'm kinda freaked out.  64 degrees today in Philly.  Way weird.  
Anyhooter.  I have pics of a WIP I got goin' on in my den.  It's fitting for the time of year despite the fact that it's not actually cold out.  Yet.
I have a few Prairie Schooler patterns, but I haven't done any of them...until now.  I found this one in my stash - "Winter" - and thought it was appropriate to do now that Christmas is behind us (anyone else feel like it was for serious a month ago already???  how does that happen??  the week after Christmas and I already think it's been behind us for months.).
So...I went through my fabric stash (which these days, is a bit ridiculous.  i signed up for the fabric of the month in 2011 with Shakespeare's Peddler, and i'm now the proud owner of 12 (yes, 12) fat halves of 40 count fabric.  i'll let you ponder that for a moment, and you can all gasp in astonishment and slight horror when you realize how long after i'm dead this fabric will last.  a small hint:  a long, long time.), and picked out a very pretty piece of "Autumn Blush" from Silkweaver.  I wanted something light so you could see the contrasting dark DMC colors once it's stitched.  
It's turning out rather nicely, if I do say so myself...even if it's taking me foreverandafreakingday since it's TINY.  Seriously.  I do not know what I was thinking when I got so much of this count fabric.  I much.  I'm swimming in 40 count.  
Pretty, huh?!  :-)  I put my scissors next to it so you could see just how tiny this comes out when you're stitching it on 40 count fabric.  Itsy bitsy teeny weeny (yellow polka dot bikini!).  No fiber changes on this one - I'm stitching it using the same DMC that the sample was stiched in.
I also have been spending some QT in my craft room doing some scrapbooking.  I have pictures from the shore from this past summer, but not enough to fill a big 12x12 book, so I decided to give these mini albums a whirl.  I've been seeing them all over the place, and finally gave it a go.
Let me tell you - these mini albums are GREAT!  I  used a book I already had, but I plan on doing a chipboard album soon so I can try some different stuff.  I don't know what the theme will be, but I'm def doing it!  Here's a peek at a few of the pages I did for the shore pics I took (sadly, I'm not in a single pic....):


Aren't they fun?!  I have to go back and add some embellishments to some of the pages, but for the most part, it's complete.  For those of you who do scrapbooking in addition to your needlework, I suggest you try a mini album!  They're super cute and tons of fun!  I also find they're a little less work than the big books, so you have (almost) instant gratification!
That's it for me for the moment.  I know you've all been so patient waiting for me to post pics of stuff I've been working on, and I appreciate you all hanging in there until I finally get around to posting them!
Much love ~