The Day is Finally Here!!
Is that a notebook? A keepsake? Whaaaat?

Avoiding awkward bridal shower moments.

How does one do this, you ask??  Quite simply by foregoing those crazyinsane games you play while the bride-to-be is opening her gifts.  I mean, no one can stop Crazy Aunt Petunia from saying something inappropriate at a family function, but you can at least avoid all other awkward interactions by making gift opening a competition.
Ah.  Yes.  A competition.  Of sorts, anyways.
I've been to plenty of bridal and baby showers in my day, and no matter how much you absolutely love the person you're there for, watching her open umpteen gifts all afternoon becomes a serious yawn-fest after the first hour.
Enter "Gift Opening Giveaways".  This is an idea I stole from the bridal shower from one of my good friends from high school.  Her shower was several years ago now -- probably pushing 8 years -- but I made sure to tuck this gem back into the recesses of my brain to use when I had to either help with or host a bridal shower.
It's so simple, peeps.  For realzies.
Is it bridal bingo?  Oh, hellz to the no.  Is it wedding charades?  Even worse.
Ready?  Ok. (And Go! Fight! Win!  Sorry.) Get a set number of small gifts - I got roughly 1/4 the amount of gifts to the number of people who came to the shower. Grab a timer.  Any timer.  A kitchen timer, the timer on your phone, seriously - any timer.  Set it to a minute, two minutes, 45 seconds, whatevs.  Now, here's the tricky part -- whoever's gift the bride-to-be is opening when the timer goes off, is the winner!  If a few people went in on a gift together, then all those who bought the gift get a giveaway.  No fights over prize custody.  This may mean you run through your giveaways a little quicker, but all you really have to do is adjust the timer so it doesn't go off too quickly between gifts.
That's it!!  
Seriously.  That's really it.
This is me announcing with pretend despair that we will not be doing any lame-o bridal shower games.  A collective sigh of relief came from the room.
Ok, so, I wanted something simple for this, and trekked up to the Yankee  Candle outlet, got small votive jars (which can totes be used for whatever you want -- tea lights, citronella, anything), and two votives for each jar.
ooooomg  how cute, amiright???  This jar in front hasn't been put into the treat bag (yup.  treat bag.  go to michaels and go down the candy making aisle and get treat bags.  they're just the right size), but you can see the ones in the back which have.  I just tied a twist-tie around the top, then wrapped & tied yellow ribbon around it, and viola!!  Gift-opening giveaways!!
Needless to say, this was a humongous success.  I had SO many of the guests thank me profusely for the "timer game", since they didn't have to do a THING, and it saved them all from many awkward moments playing silly games with people they don't even know.  I told them all to pass along this new-found game, and there was an emphatic, "Oh, we WILL!!!!" from all those in favor!!
That's it, peeps!!  That wraps up Day Two of Bridal Shower Week!
Next up:  The Gift List Book
Stay tuned!!!
Much Love ~~~~