Just one more thing for the shower stuffs
The Strawberry Sampler

Halloween?? Already??

Yes, folks.  It's about that time.  That time when you realize summer is quickly approaching and it's time to start your Halloween stitching.
No?  Just me?  Huh.  I guess I am crazier than I originally thought.
Well, you're over it now, and it's time for me to share one of my new favorite graphs:  Halloween Eve.  This is a Blackbird Design, and it's faaaabulous.  I had to take a break from my super-secret-on-the-down-low-biggest-project-ever for my own sanity, and so I got out my Halloween Eve to continue putting in a few stitches here and there. I'm stitching this on 40 count Cider from Silkweaver Fabrics.  I am completely and totally obsessed with this amazing neutral fabric.  I love it.  A lot a lot.
I've had this in my stash for a while now, and I love how it's turning out.  If you clicked on the above link for the graph, you can see that the entire top of this graph is a sampler.  Well.....I'm not too keen on samplers....so I just eliminated the alphabet at the top, and started with that awesome pot with branches & leaves coming out.  Perfect fall pot of dying flowers, right?  Soooo spooky Halloweeny ;-)
Anyhooter.  To the left of the dying plant, is the end of the alphabet, and where I decided I'm going to put my initials (using the already provided alphabet that I'm not using...) instead of YZ.  Confused yet?  Good.  Me, too.  Here's hoping I can pull it together by the time I'm done stitching this bad boy.
Those leaves are done with Gentle Art Simply Shaker Autumn Leaves.  LOVE this fiber.  L.O.V.E.  It's absolutely perfect for anything fall.  Especially leaves.
I'm also slightly obsessed with the font used for the words "Halloween Eve".  Only slightly.
Ok maybe more than slightly.  I may have to create my own Halloween design using this font.  After I graph my Irish baby blessing and send it to the distributors.  In all my spare time.  
Alright kids.  That's all I have for today.  It's been beyond insane at work, so I haven't had much downtime once I get home to sit and do crafty things, but I do hope you enjoy this Blackbird Design as much as I do!!
My sister's bachelorette party is this weekend, which should be a blasty-blast, and I hope to have some super-cute pics to share with you all from the beginning of the evening.  Before all hell breaks loose.  HA.
Go forth and be crafty on this glorious May day :-)
Much Love
~~~ J