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October "Word Play" and a Giveaway!

A Look Back

Hello everyone!

I have been more insanely busy this past week than I imagined I could be.  I have so many things I want to post (most especially the wedding gift I'm feverishly stitching for my sister), but I just haven't had enough time to sit here and write a post.  And I feel terrible about it. 

I also will not be posting any pics of my sister's gift until it's in her hands.  It's no fair that you guys would get to see it before her.  I will admit - this project is taking up a huge amount of my stitching time, and I haven't had time to work on much else, which explains my sporatic postings.  Normally, as most of you know, I post WIPs of all my projects...but not this one.  I beg you all to bear with me until I can have it framed, given to her, and then I'll go into gory detail about every last stitch (and the color changes I made ;-))

I do hope to have something new posted soon, but in the meantime, I found this old blog post from my previous location, and thought you might enjoy seeing it again, or, if any of you haven't seen it before, for the first time.

This post shows one of my favorite baby gifts that I've made - I did a Mill Hill project that was a collaboration with Sticks, and is called "Sleep Tight".  I absolutely love almost all of the Sticks projects, and this one is definitely one of my absolute favs.  I might have to stitch it again in the future :-)

Head on over to my old post to see how I finished it!

Much stitchy love to all ~~~