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Giveaway Update

Hello my dear followers and visitors.

It was brought to my attention last night that your comments are not posting on the original giveaway post.

I have NO idea why this is happening.  I've tried to figure out what exactly caused this issue, and can't quite pinpoint it.

Therefore, I'm extending the deadline to post a comment, in hopes that eventually I'll get it to work.  In the meantime, if your comment does not post, post a comment on my facebook page on the post which has the link to the original blog post.  If you do not have facebook, send me an email (link is in my sidebar) with your comment.

The new deadline to post a comment on either my original post or on my facebook page (or to send an email if you don't have facebook) is 19 September 12 at 11:59PM EST.

Thank you, again, to the lovely follower who brought this to my attention!  

Much love (and luck!) ~~~