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Thanksgiving Fun | Sewing

Hello all!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was filled with too much good food, and way too many delicious desserts.  It's always so hard to pick which dessert to have, because it's so easy to go overboard with all the sweets!!

Thanksgiving in our family is also time for other celebrations - my mom and sister's birthdays fall around  Thanksgiving all the time, and now my brother-in-law's, too!  So, every year, we not only have too much food, we have birthdays to celebrate :-)

For my sister this year, I decided to make her a table runner for her new dining room table.  Like me, she has some decorations for all the holidays, but nothing for her dining room.  So, since handmade is always better, I decided to make her something pretty for her table.

I picked a very fall-like pattern for the runner, with simple accent fabric for panels on the end, and a brown solid for the underside.  She could actually use this for all of the fall season if she wanted, since it's not really Thanksgiving specific.

For this pic, I laid it out on my dining room table when it was finished to see how it would look.  Cutie, right?!  

Here, I folded it over so you can see the underside and the accent panels on the ends.   The binding I made myself from the accent fabric, which pulls everything together.  I think it turned out better than buying pre-made binding, but I'm sure it would look just as lovely had I chosen a plain color binding to match the fabric.

In case any of you would like to try your hand at one of these awesome handmade runners, the tutorial I used is from Sew4Home, and can be found here.  I eliminated the tassels they have on each corner, mostly because I just couldn't be bothered with them.

That's all I have for today!  Will you be making anything special for friends or family this holiday? 

Much love ~~


Instagrammy Goodness

Happy Friday, peeps!

Just a quick post to let you know about something super spectacular - Instagram has launched web-based profiles!  What does this mean for you?!  Well, it means that for those of you who don't have an Instagram account, you can click on the little Instagram icon on the right sidebar (the bottom middle one that looks like a lil' camera) and see my web profile and all the pics I've taken to date.

Make sure you stop by often to see what I've been up to in between blog posts!! :-)


A book signing (no, not mine...) | Baking

Hello all you loverly people!  I just wanted to do a quick little post about a book signing I went to this past  Sunday.

For those of you who are unaware, I LOVE to bake.  Love it.  I can't eat most of what I make, however, because I have to eat gluten-free, but I love to bake for everyone else.  I get just as much joy from watching everyone enjoy what I make as they do eating the fruits of my labor.

One of my favorite things to bake?  Christmas cookies.  And btdubs, that time of year is RAPIDLY approaching.

One of my good friends at work, and a baking buddy, introduced me to this fabulous thing called a cake ball.  Holy sweet jeebus are these concoctions DEEEELISH.

Well guess what.  I met Ms. Cake Pop herself, Bakerella.  She came to Williams & Sonoma in King of Prussia on Sunday to sign her new book, Cake Pops Holidays.  


Bakerella's new fabulous book!!!!


Now, I'm new to this cake ball/pop scene, but these designs look aaaadorbs, and I definitely have to try some for foodie gifts this Christmas (gift spoiler alert!  haha!)

Here's me with Bakerella ~~


Bakerella & me!

She was SO gracious and kind and sweet.  I absolutely loved her.  I hope to make her proud with the desgins I choose this to make in about a month!!  She's amazingly creative, and to do what she does with cake balls?  Crazysauce.

After her signing (she sat with each and every person, signed their book, and chatted for a few minutes with everyone.  Seriously.  SO SWEET.)

Then, she did a Q&A ~~


Bakerella giving tips for decorating the cake pops


It was a fabulous Sunday in King of Prussia :-)

THANK YOU, Bakerella, for coming to Williams & Sonoma here in the Philly area!!!  It was so, so wonderful to meet you!