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Hello all you lovely readers :-)

I have missed my blog oh-so much.  I miss connecting with all of you.  I miss inspiring and being inspired.  But I'm back now, and hope to keep you close all through Christmas.

In my absence, I've been working on a few Christmas cross stitch projects.  I, like one of my fellow stitching buddies at my LNS, am a "seasonal stitcher" -- meaning I like to stitch projects of the season.  Example:  I stitch  Christmas projects during the Christmas season, spring projects during the spring, Halloween projects during the get the picture.

This Christmas, I pulled out a project I've had kitted for quite some time, and decided just to get to it.  


graph by Lizzie Kate


This is called "Christmas Rules" (obvi) and is by one of my fav designers, Lizzie Kate.  I love all her cute and whimsical designs.  Her seasonal pieces are some of my favorites.  This, like her "double flip" chart packs (Christmas and Halloween), can be stitched as one long piece, or each one can be stitched individually.

The below pic shows a snippet of each of the "rules" I've completed so far --


I apologize if they're a little dark -- the lighting in my den where I stitch isn't the greatest.

Cute, right?!  :-)  I love Christmas designs.  They make me happy.  

Stay tuned, kids.  I have plenty more Christmas WIPs to share....but I'll show you more tomorrow ;-)

Are any of you doing any holiday specific stitching right now??

Much love ~~~~