A Christmas WIP | Cross Stitch
Another Christmas WIP | Cross stitch

A Very Special Christmas Ornament | Cross Stitch

Today I have a very special little piece to show you :-)

For those of you lovely readers who don't know, I have a very sensitive gluten intolerance, and have to eat gluten-free.   Ten  years ago, when I found out I had to live the GF lifestyle, there was virtually nothing out there in terms of information, foods, or resources for those of us searching about how to adjust to this lifestyle change.

Now, information is everywhere, and I'm eternally grateful for people like Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free who have complied easy, healthy recipes, and shared them with the gluten-free world.  I've been following Amy's website for a few years now, and when I saw that she and her husband recently had an adorable baby boy, I offered to make a personalized baby's first Christmas ornament for him.

She graciously accepted my offer, and I couldn't believe I'd be making something so personal as this keepsake for her little boy to hang on the tree every year :-)

This adorable little polar bear is the Lizzie Kate design I chose to stitch --


Using letters from various Lizzie Kate projects, I graphed the name and date on the back --

I sewed the piping in between the layers, grabbed a pretty red ribbon for the hook, and voila!  A personalized, handmade baby's first Christmas ornament :-)

If you're a gluten-freebie like me (or need to be sugar-free, since her recipes are free of that, too!), please please please go visit Amy's site - she has wonderfully tasty easy recipes.  I guarantee you'll be bookmarking her page!

Thanks for visiting today, everyone!  I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas ornament anecdote!  

Thank you, again, Amy, for allowing me to stitch this for you!  I so enjoyed making every stitch :-)

Have any of you made a special keepsake for Christmas that you treasure every year?

Much love ~~~