A Very Special Christmas Ornament | Cross Stitch
A Royal Christmas | Cross Stitch

Another Christmas WIP | Cross stitch

 I'm totally addicted to this Christmas piece.  Like, totally addicted.  I can't...stop...stitching...

This is a graph from ByGone Stitches, and is called "Quaker Christmas II".  It is simply gorgeous.  One of my friends had this kitted to stitch when I visited her one day, and I knew I had to have it.  

The graph has the titles of all your favorite Christmas carols stitched amongst the various Quaker themed motifs...and a few of the song titles are actually depicted in picture rather than stitched.

Again with this lighting.  I really need to get up for 30 seconds next time, just so I can be in a more well-lit spot so you can see the full effect of the fabric (Cider by Silkweaver...and 40 count....so this piece will still be giant...) with these fantastic Current (red) and Blue Spruce (green) Shaker Colors from Gentle Art. 

That's today's Christmas WIP for ya!  This is one of my favorite pieces to date (and i've done A LOT of Christmas pieces), so I can't wait to show you my progress as I go!!

Do you have a favorite Christmas piece that you've done?

Much love ~~~~