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December 2012

Christmas Cards | Cardmaking

Well, Christmas has come and gone already...which I can hardly believe.  There's always so much excitement about the Christmas season, and when the actual day is here, it feels like it just flies on by quicker than you can blink.

But I still love Christmas.  Love it.

As you may or may not know, I handmake the Christmas cards that I send out every year.  Yep.  Takes a sh-- ton of time, but I think it's worth it.  This year, due to time constraints, I mass produced a few -- usually I make each one totally unique.  This year....not so much.

I saw this way cool tutorial over at Tim Holtz's blog (he is beyond creatively talented. the things this man does with ink & paper? totally amazeballs.), and decided I wanted to give it a try.  Seemed easy enough, and the result is totally awesome.

The tutorial series is all about tags, and in this case, specific to Christmas.  The pic above is all the tags I made and then distressed by inking the edges and using a paper edger to rough up the sides.  Some tags I used were kraft paper; the others were manilla.  Same technique, different look, all of it easy & awesome.  LOVE.  

Taking these tags, I then dressed up some Paper Source  card stock, and this is the end result --

IMG_2677They didn't all have the same patterned background paper, but they all look pretty similar to this.  I'm definitely going to be repeating this design!  Make sure you check out the original tag over at Tim's blog - so totally cool.

Next up:  glitter embossing powder.  I hate glitter.  Like, hate it.  It gets ev-a-ry-where.  You end up sneezing glitter for months, because it's so fine you breathe it in without knowing it...random specks end up all over your your hair........uggggggh.  BUT....when it's embossing powder, which means you get to heat it to make it adhere to your page and never come off, then I'm all about it.

Enter watermark ink pad, awesome  Santa stamp, and red glitter embossing powder...

IMG_2850BOOM.  Seriously.  So awesome.  This was my favorite card that I made this year.  In fact, I may still have it.  I don't remember if I actually sent this one out....whoopsie....

Where there's red glitter, there's also green.....

IMG_2860It might be tough to tell, but those are gifts all lined up.  Totally super cute.   Add green glitter embossing powder, and poof!  Sparkly gifties!

I also had a little too much fun with the "quantity" function on my I was able to just keep repeating some of the cuts I made....

This "Noel" made quite a few appearances on my cards with different background paper.  I used the Teresa Collins "December 25th" cartridge for this image, along with "Santa" and a few others that I totally forgot to take pics of, so I can't share them :-(

So there you have it!  A little snippet of some of the cards that I sent out this year!  Maybe if you're lucky, you'll get on my card list for next year, and get one of these for your very own!  :-)

Much love ~~~


A Royal Christmas | Cross Stitch

So...Christmas is very rapidly approaching, and I finally, finally, decided I should maybe hang some of these cross stitch designs I've had framed, so it looks like I actually live in this house.

Bare walls kinda make it look like I'm gonna just up and leave any day.  Or maybe it's the curtain-less windows that give that effect.  And how long have I lived in this house?!

Ahem.  Moving on.

I got out my storage box that has all my various framed cross stitch pieces in it, which are very carefully wrapped so nothing happens to them during their year in seclusion.  A couple of the pieces I forgot I had.

Including her --


This is a Mirabilia design, called "Royal Holiday".  I love this piece, and cannot believe I had her hidden for almost all of the Christmas season.  For those of you who know me, I tend to change some stuff in a lot of the graphs I do -- this one I kept just as suggested.  I know I picked a lighter fabric than what the model was stitched on, but for the life of me I can't remember what color I chose.  

She will hang in my living room until the Epiphany, when I begin to take down all my Christmas decorations and wait patiently till it's appropriate to start dreaming of spring and put up all my spring/Easter cross stitch pieces and other decorations.  :-)

Another Christmas WIP | Cross stitch

 I'm totally addicted to this Christmas piece.  Like, totally addicted.  I can't...stop...stitching...

This is a graph from ByGone Stitches, and is called "Quaker Christmas II".  It is simply gorgeous.  One of my friends had this kitted to stitch when I visited her one day, and I knew I had to have it.  

The graph has the titles of all your favorite Christmas carols stitched amongst the various Quaker themed motifs...and a few of the song titles are actually depicted in picture rather than stitched.

Again with this lighting.  I really need to get up for 30 seconds next time, just so I can be in a more well-lit spot so you can see the full effect of the fabric (Cider by Silkweaver...and 40 this piece will still be giant...) with these fantastic Current (red) and Blue Spruce (green) Shaker Colors from Gentle Art. 

That's today's Christmas WIP for ya!  This is one of my favorite pieces to date (and i've done A LOT of Christmas pieces), so I can't wait to show you my progress as I go!!

Do you have a favorite Christmas piece that you've done?

Much love ~~~~



A Very Special Christmas Ornament | Cross Stitch

Today I have a very special little piece to show you :-)

For those of you lovely readers who don't know, I have a very sensitive gluten intolerance, and have to eat gluten-free.   Ten  years ago, when I found out I had to live the GF lifestyle, there was virtually nothing out there in terms of information, foods, or resources for those of us searching about how to adjust to this lifestyle change.

Now, information is everywhere, and I'm eternally grateful for people like Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free who have complied easy, healthy recipes, and shared them with the gluten-free world.  I've been following Amy's website for a few years now, and when I saw that she and her husband recently had an adorable baby boy, I offered to make a personalized baby's first Christmas ornament for him.

She graciously accepted my offer, and I couldn't believe I'd be making something so personal as this keepsake for her little boy to hang on the tree every year :-)

This adorable little polar bear is the Lizzie Kate design I chose to stitch --


Using letters from various Lizzie Kate projects, I graphed the name and date on the back --

I sewed the piping in between the layers, grabbed a pretty red ribbon for the hook, and voila!  A personalized, handmade baby's first Christmas ornament :-)

If you're a gluten-freebie like me (or need to be sugar-free, since her recipes are free of that, too!), please please please go visit Amy's site - she has wonderfully tasty easy recipes.  I guarantee you'll be bookmarking her page!

Thanks for visiting today, everyone!  I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas ornament anecdote!  

Thank you, again, Amy, for allowing me to stitch this for you!  I so enjoyed making every stitch :-)

Have any of you made a special keepsake for Christmas that you treasure every year?

Much love ~~~


A Christmas WIP | Cross Stitch

Hello all you lovely readers :-)

I have missed my blog oh-so much.  I miss connecting with all of you.  I miss inspiring and being inspired.  But I'm back now, and hope to keep you close all through Christmas.

In my absence, I've been working on a few Christmas cross stitch projects.  I, like one of my fellow stitching buddies at my LNS, am a "seasonal stitcher" -- meaning I like to stitch projects of the season.  Example:  I stitch  Christmas projects during the Christmas season, spring projects during the spring, Halloween projects during the get the picture.

This Christmas, I pulled out a project I've had kitted for quite some time, and decided just to get to it.  


graph by Lizzie Kate


This is called "Christmas Rules" (obvi) and is by one of my fav designers, Lizzie Kate.  I love all her cute and whimsical designs.  Her seasonal pieces are some of my favorites.  This, like her "double flip" chart packs (Christmas and Halloween), can be stitched as one long piece, or each one can be stitched individually.

The below pic shows a snippet of each of the "rules" I've completed so far --


I apologize if they're a little dark -- the lighting in my den where I stitch isn't the greatest.

Cute, right?!  :-)  I love Christmas designs.  They make me happy.  

Stay tuned, kids.  I have plenty more Christmas WIPs to share....but I'll show you more tomorrow ;-)

Are any of you doing any holiday specific stitching right now??

Much love ~~~~