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Pay It Forward

This fall marked my 13th year as one of the marching instructors for my high school marching band.  13 years that flew right on by.  It started as a community service project for one of my seminar classes my junior year in college, and I just kept on teaching.

Finals 2103

I'm kind of a band geek.

And guess what?  I'm totes ok with this.  I'm an athlete at my very core, and nothing makes me happier than holding a softball, even just to  imagine striking someone out one last time, but there's something about the arts, music especially, that just captivates me.

The staff has become some of my closest friends, and at this point, I honestly don't know what I'd do without my time with them 3 days a week during the season. 

This year has had its rough patches, and this fall, through the kindess of the music program, I was the recipient of a random act of kindness (RAK).  And guess what?  I've decided to pay that forward.

So here, today, I'm announcing a giveaway right here on this lil' ol' blog.  I'm forever grateful for all those who stop here, see what I create, get inspired, leave comments, etc.  I'm all over Instagram, snapping pics of what I do, bake, create, all of it, and I'm also constantly inspired by those creatives that I follow.   I LOVE seeing what everyone is stitching (I seriously need to get caught up on Plum Street Samplers' Christmas SAL....)

For the stitchers who follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, click on the insta link on the right and follow the insanity!!), you know I'm 16 shades of crazy, because I'm almost always stitching on 40 count fabric.  I know right.  Insane.

But I also know that there are other crazies out there, and if you love fabric as much as I do, you'll love what I'm offering.

These beautiful pieces of fabric ---


From left to right, they are: Sandcastle, Antique Gold (which looks green in this picture, but there is a gold twinge to it in person), Brandied Apples, and Buttercream.  Each piece measures 13" x 18".

All fabrics are from Silkweaver, and are AWESOME.  I've totally fallen in love with the quality fabric they have, and the dyes are amazing.

So, what do you have to do to be entered?  Simple - leave me a comment, and tell me what you're grateful for this fall, and for what you'd use the fabric.  A host of Christmas ornaments?  A bunch of Blackbird Designs smalls for your home decor?  A gift for a friend?!  The possibilites are endless :-)

This giveaway will be open through 30 November 13.  Tell your friends!  Share the wealth!  Pay it forward!!

Much love ~~~



Update on 1 December 2013 - this giveaway is now closed.  Thank you!!