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A Few Days Off

Friends.  To say I needed some time off from work is an understatement.

So, with the long weekend this past weekend, I took a few days last week to make it really long.

I don't regret it one bit.  Not one little teeny tiny bit.  My work can wait.  My brain needed to take a vacation.

The main reason I took off was to see the Blue Angels flight demonstration team.  If you've never seen them, drop everything and go now to your nearest air show and see them fly.  You will not regret it.

I didn't take many pictures of the show, mainly because I wanted to experience them, rather than be so worried about getting the greatest shot of them in perfect formation.  And they are perfection, my friends.  

They're also hot as hell.  Those blue flight suits.......

Wait.  Was that outloud...?

The BA (which also could mean badass, and in this case, is also true, because the Blue Angels (and really all naval aviators) are badass...) were at Annapolis for graduation week at the Academy, so they did their flight demonstration on Wednesday, and then did the fly over on graduation day.

If you ever have the chance to go to Annapolis, go.  Take a tour of the Academy - you only need your drivers license to get access to the base, but because of heighted security will most likely not be able to park on base, so just park nearby and walk through the pedestrian gate - and make sure you stop at the chapel and the museum.  If you're there around noon during the academic year, you can watch Noon Lunch Formation....


 The surrounding town is also great, with little boutiques, and pubs you can stop in for a quick bite, before heading home with that hot officer you just picked up off the street..... ;-)

USNA: Web | Facebook | Twitter

Blue Angels: Web | Facebook | Twitter