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Sunday Things.

Hard to believe another week has gone by.  Has it been as rough for you as for me?  I don't even know why it was so exhausting, but it was.  Happy Hour on Thursday night with some of the greatest people in the world, my band staff friends, was much needed by that point (and to think i initially didn't even want to go out!).  Angry Orchard (hard cider is gluten free!!!!!) is my new best friend.  It doesn't top my signature drink - Captain Morgan & diet Coke - but it is a very close second.

Stitchers - have you seen the Market previews?!?!  Is there anything you're DYING to have????  For me, this companion piece to Yuletide Welcome by Plum Street Samplers is a MUST in my house.  I need to make sure I get my order in to my LNS stat.  

I'm always one to change things up with my stitching - I saw this finish of Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate and it's so fun!!  I LOVE the different colors on the border!!!  The fabric is an awesome overdyed, and is perfectly spooky!  Also - the bell pull with gravestones?!  Love.

I don't know if you've seen any of the work by Rensel Studios, but OH.MY.GOD.  My friend, Catherine, showed me some of their blog posts (after which I immediately began following their blog), and seriously.  No words.  Santa's Magic by Miribilia has been in my stash for a long time, and seeing it framed by them made me want to go start stitching it right freaking now.  Also, I'm not usually big on mermaids, but Miribilia's mermaids are gorgeous.  Add the framing magic of Rensel Studios?  I can't even.  

Weekends just aren't complete without a little stitching.  I started Blackbird Designs' In Full Glory...


Confederate Grey is my new fabric's such a great neutral.  

Happy Sunday, friends!