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January 2015

DC Bound.

I've debated whether or not to write a post about my pending adventure, and ultimately decided I needed to write a little something.  Mainly because I've been gone for so long (packing is my life right now - I miss writing posts and sharing with you all!), and because I think the direction of my blog might take a slight right turn.

This week, I will be having my house packed up and moved to DC.


Yep.  DC.  This girl got herself a job with the bigwigs.  I'll be doing the same thing I do now, just more intense with more responsibility, and for the Marines instead of the Navy.  Still all one big Navy...but don't tell the Marines I said that....

That said, I'll be more absent here until I can get my act together with Internet connection and whathaveyou in my apt., but I'll do my best to keep up with Instagram in the meantime.  

Also, because of this huge change I'm embarking on, the things I post about will vary more than they have in the past.  I started this blog with the intention of only sharing my cross stitch WIPs and finishes, yet I've ventured into SO many other creative things that I feel they should be shared as well.  So, my cross stitch posts will absolutely continue, but peppered among those posts will be DC adventures (and others! there's an entire coast of VA beaches I'll have to check out this summer!), scrapping nonsense, baking extravaganzas, and all of the fun in between.

I hope you'll bear with me during the transition, and come along on this 2015 journey with me!  It's gonna be a fun year, peeps!  Let's get this party started!!!