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What a week, friends.  What a week.

It even started with a holiday! Then, on that holiday, it snowed in DC.  And people forgot how to drive and act like normal people.

Thank God for AWD and the guys at Firestone who fixed my tire earlier in the day on Monday.

How have you guys been?  So remember how I was losing my mind about all that extra time I have after work?!  Well, I filled it with a great book this past week.


Has anyone else read this?!  I kept hearing about it, kept getting annoying emails from Barnes and Noble telling me IT'S 40% OFF THIS WEEK!  BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT.

Eventually....those B&N emails got the better of me when I found a B&N a mere 10 minutes from my apt, so I got out my member card for that additional 10% off, and made the leap.  

It was. So. Good.  So good.  My only gripe is that the author goes back and forth between years during WWII, and where I normally don't mind that time flip every once in a while, in this book, I legit forgot what year we were in as I was reading, and each time it changed, I had to go back and see what year I had just been in.

Does that make any sense at all?  I feel like I'm in an episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and Leonard are discussing the possibilities of time travel.  Also, that wasn't a paragraph up there, but a giant run-on.  You're over it, though. 

Anyways.  If you're looking for something new to read this frigid weekend, check out All The Light We Cannot See.  I highly recommend it.

What are you guys reading?  Do you have any recommendations of great books you just couldn't put down?!  I'm looking for suggestions!

Stay warm!


Always with the greatest intentions.

There have been quite a few times over the last two weeks where I've sat down and gone, "I need to write something," and then never did.  I had all the greatest intentions of filling you in on the last two weeks, but, as I'm sure most (all) of you can relate, life got in the way.

So, this is my feeble attempt at getting back into writing posts.  I now have a full hour (an HOUR) after I get home from work that I haven't had in 10 years.  That's how much time I saved myself by choosing the apartment I'm currently in - it's legit a 5 min drive.  I can walk there when the weather gets nicer in 15...20 if I'm lollygagging with my coffee.

Not even kidding - for the first week, I would come home and just kinda stare at nothing.  I had NO idea what to do with all of that extra time!  AN HOUR, PEOPLE.  That's FIVE HOURS A WEEK.  TWENTY in an entire month!!!

Now.  I'm sure you're all going, PLEASE. I could fill up that hour in no time!  Trust me.  I'm sure I'll be able to as well, but this is gonna take some getting used to!

Anyway.  Back to the situation at hand.  Life, and how it gets in the way of very important things, like writing blog posts and stitching and making pretty albums.  (sooo far behind on my project life album, it's not even funny...but that's quite alright...there's a lot of winter hibernation still ahead of's only 15 February...).

I also found out a little over a week ago that I have Lyme disease.  This would explain a lot of health problems I've been having (and i literally had to fight with my doctor for this test...he wanted to do another food sensitivity test on me, and i flat out refused...i don't eat anything anymore that could be inflammatory!), and it's been a weird 1-2 weeks getting used to the twice daily dose of antibiotics, among a few other things I need to take to counteract side effects of being on heavy antibiotics for an entire month.  

To help counteract the side effects of antibiotics (the major one being too much yeast in your body), I'm also following the Candida diet, which eliminates dairy, sugar, and fruits (the sugar from these foods feeds the yeast, amplifying the problem).  The first week was near impossible.  I needed chocolate! Stat!  But, it got easier, and my cravings are becoming less frequent.  (Fat bombs like this one have been saving my life over the last week and a half...)

You're also supposed to eliminate coffee on this diet because of the caffeine, but we all know what I did when I saw that recommendation.  

Laughed outloud, then went and made a full pot of fresh ground coffee from Starbucks.

All of this, plus adjusting to my new job and trying to  make sense of the remaining chaos in my apartment, has meant little time for creating.

BUT.  This past week, I found all my stitching supplies, and decided to start a project I've been dying to start for a long time.

"Shores of Hawk Run Hollow." I'm not sure if any of you have attempted any of the Hawk Run series, but I have three, including this one, and I've been itching to start one.  I decided no time was better than now, so I got everything together (and, unbelievably enough, I'm missing four of the DMC colors for this project. just when you'd swear you have every single one, you're missing some. ugh.), and got to it.

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings

So far, I'm loving it.  I shouldn't have waited this long to start stitching one of these from the series, but there were so many other big projects I was working, I couldn't justify starting another.  

The fabric I chose is 40 ct Tundra from Lakeside Linens.  It's tough to tell, but it's like a sea green - it looks kinda grey in this pic - which I thought was perfect for a summer/seaside piece.  With the record wind chills today and the high wind warnings, I'm dreaming of warmer days...

I'll leave you with that - I don't want to bore you with too many things all at once, and I hope soon I'll be able to get out more on the weekends and investigate all our nation's capital has to offer!

Happy Sunday, everyone!