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Dreaming of Summer | Cross Stitch

This warm spell we're having has me totally dreaming of summer.  Long days on the beach.  Margaritas for happy hour.  Flip flops all day every day.  You know the drill.

Zac Brown says it best - "I got my toes in the water/Ass in the sand/Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand/Life is good today." They have a new album coming out soon, btdubs.  Preordered that bad boy in a moment of INEEDSUMMER...which was also probably around 0400 on Sunday when I couldn't freaking sleep....but I digress....

Since I can't sit on the beach just yet, I'll have to settle for a little summer stitching.  I finally finished block one yesterday of "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow."  I forgot how long it takes to stitch dense areas on 40 ct fabric.  

block 1 from Shores at Hawk Run Hollow #crossstitch #needle #thread #hawkrun

Oh, how I long to be laying on a beach listening to waves hit the beach.

Block 1 of Shores at Hawk Run Hollow #crossstitch #needle #thread #hawkrun

 That sun! 

Block 1 of Shores at Hawk Run Hollow #crossstitch #needle #thread #hawkrun

This little gull!  Just chillaxin on the rocks.

Onto the next block!!  Hope you're all having a great start to the week!