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"Rear Window"

It's no secret that I love old movies.  Love them.  TCM is in my "favorites" on my channel lineup, and I had a ton on my DVR back in Philly....but lost them all when I had to give that box up for a VA approved box.  So sad.

Recently, TCM has been releasing certain classic movies in the theaters, but I've never been able to make it to the one random theater in Philly that would have it for the limited run.  I really wanted to see "Gone With The Wind" in all it's big screen glory, but couldn't make the show.  The most recent move they released in theaters is "Rear Window".  

When I saw that, I about died.  To see my favorite Hitchcock movie on the big screen would be incredible.  I knew I had to make it happen.  Down here, unlike in Philly, there were multiple theaters I could have chosen from.  I was stupid excited, and picked the theater about 5 min from my apartment for the showing yesterday afternoon.  

I snuck a quick pic when the beginning credits were rolling.....


Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart are phenomenal in this movie.  And Grace Kelly's clothes!!!!  I want them all.  Her dresses and jewelry are perfect.  (Fun fact: she's a Philly girl!)  If you haven't seen "High Society", I highly recommend it - it's the musical version of "The Philadelphia Story" with Bing and Frank.  So good.  And "Dial M for Murder", which is another great Hitchcock that's she's in.  I love Hitchcock movies, can you tell?  Oh! And "Strangers on a Train" - Grace Kelly isn't in it, but it's so damn good, so go rent that now if you've never seen it. 


Thelma Ritter is great as the nurse - she's a great character actress.  And, of course, Raymond Burr!!  

If you love this movie as much as I do and wish you could see it in the theater, you still have a chance!  TMC released this for more than one day - the next available times are this Wednesday, March 25th.  Go here to see if it's playing at a theater near you!!  If you go, let me know how you liked seeing it in the theater!!  I loved every minute, and definitely noticed things that I didn't see in the 847 other times I've watched this movie - nuances & such.  

Happy Monday!  I hope you all have a great start to the week!