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Hello friends!  It's finally warming up to feel more like summer, and I'm loving every second.  

The past two weeks I've taken a break from Christmas stitching (my favorite kind of stitching, no matter the time of year), and worked on CE Cricket "Be Ye Thankful".  I was feeling the need to work with fall colors, and this one was perfect.

Be Ye Thankful CE Cricket #crossstitch #thanksgiving #beyethankful

CE Cricket has some of my most favorite fall and Halloween designs.  I have so many of hers in my "I swear I'm stitching you next" pile.

Be Ye Thankful CE Cricket #crossstitch #cecricket #thanksgiving #beyethankful

I love this font! Something about it is so simple and perfect.

Be Ye Thankful CE Cricket #crossstitch #cecricket #thanksgiving #beyethankful

I love the little elements she scatters throughout, incorporating them into the words.  The pumpkins are just like those in Sleepy Hollow.  Love love love.Be Ye Thankful CE Cricket #crossstitch #cecricket #thanksgiving #beyethankful

I stitched this using the called-for Sampler Threads (they really do make a difference - especially Black Crow instead of just plain ol' DMC 310...it has a blue twinge to it....which is kinda cool) and the DMC.  I stitched this on 36 count WDW Confederate Grey, which, if you know me by now, you know I cannot stand the weave of WDW fabric....it's too flimsy....but I love Confederate Grey, so I suck it up.  I also find that this fabric goes so well with autumn colors, and really makes them pop.  As always, I highly recommend doing a thread pull before you start a project, and see what fabric makes your colors stand out!  Make it your own :-)

That's it for today, my lovely people.  I hope your weekend is filled with love, laughter, and lots good coffee.