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I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm | Cross Stitch

I'm absolutely one of those stitchers who stitches Christmas all year round.  I don't have too many winter-themed pieces, however, so I've been starting to stock up on those.  I want to remain festive after Christmas, but don't necessarily need to keep all my Christmas pieces out through February.

Although, I have been known to keep my Christmas tree up at work year-round...


I don't remember where I saw this graph, but I fell in love with it and had to have it.  It's a Heartstring Samplery graph, and was modeled after traditional Blackwork embroidery.  The stitched model is done in black with red hearts, but I chose to make it softer for winter, and used dark blue and a rosey color instead.


I stitched this on 40 count Pewter from Picture This Plus, which was perfection for this piece.  The graph calls for WDW threads, but since I went with different colors, I decided to use NPI silks instead.  Silks are glorious to work with (albeit expensive! so they're a treat), and these particular colors turned out fabulous on this fabric.


Some of these patterns have such intricate details, almost like lace, that it took much longer to stitch than I anticipated.


Worth all the work, however.  I love this piece, and can't wait to have it framed.


I hope you guys have a great weekend, and are staying safe and warm! 


Shores of Hawk Run Hollow | Cross Stitch

Friends, it's been a while since we chatted.  I am very much a homebody, but I gotta tell ya, being home a lot for the past foreverandaday is taking its toll.  One good thing about being home more, is that I've been able to finish up some very long-standing WIPs.  Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is, by far, the longest WIP I've ever had.  I moved to the DC area in 2015...and brought this WIP with me.  That's a long time to have something in progress.

This past year, I treated myself to the NPI silks to do Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow, but absolutely refused to start it until I finished Shores.  One of the main reasons that it took me so long to finish it, is because I made a counting error on Block 1, which caused me to be off in Block 2.  I didn't catch it, however, until I was almost done Block 2, since I'd stitched the blocks going down before going across (if that makes any sense at all).  So, I had to rip out ALL of Block 2 and restitch it once I figured out what my mistake was and where, but was SO mad at myself, I left Block 1 alone until I was ready to deal with restitching it.  Turns out, I wasn't ready to fix it until I was done all the other blocks.  I didn't fix it until after I put the final stitch in Block 12.  And even then it took me about 2 weeks to get myself together and rip out half of Block 1 to fix and redo.

I think the middle block is my favorite.  I love that anchor.

Block 1.  My nemesis.  How funny is that seagull, though?  Just chillin on the rocks.



The finished piece!  Now I can move on to another gigantic project.  I'm not sure if Autumn will be next, or if I'll move to another Mirabilia...decisions, decisions....


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!