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I'm on a wintery, Christmassy roll here so far this first week of spring!  haha.  I've had the Beggar's Christmas piece kitted for what feels like decades, so recently, I decided to start it and get it out of my "you're next" pile.

I stitched Beggar's Halloween and 4th by Threadworks Primitives already (did I show you guys the 4th? i think i need to do a post on that one...), and decided it was high time I finished the series.  But! Did you guys see the Beggar's Luck that just released?  I'm not one to stitch St. Patty's Day pieces on the reg, but I will have to get that since it's a companion to these three.


I stitched this on 40 ct. vintage Exemplar with the called for DMCs, which gave it that perfect old-timey Christmas feel.

The tree even has that vintage feel to it.  Maybe it's the colors of the threads.  Or the slight curl of the tree.


One day, I will fully finish all these smalls I stitch when I need a sense of accomplishment between large projects.  I started Dressmaker's Daughter by Miribilia about two weeks ago, and it is way larger than my brain originally pictured.  Much like her lovely ladies I've stitched in the past. Larger than life, and absolutely stunning.  I have ornaments and smalls that I do when I need a break from those, and Beggar's Christmas was a lovely break.  

I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far!  Winter will be returning to our neighborhood this week, but spring will hopefully push through again over the weekend.  Happy stitching, friends!