Snowy Night | Cross Stitch

Dressmaker's Daughter | Cross Stitch

Well, here we are, folks.  Right smack in the holiday season.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I managed to find some time to stitch this past weekend, and finished up the second dress in Dressmaker's Daughter.

This is another gorgeous Mirabilia piece that's been in my stash for far too long, and so over the summer, I finally got some fabric for it and got to work.

The piece features four dresses, each one representing a season beginning with Winter.


That blue dress!  The fur trim!


I cannot wait to put the beads and treasures on this dress!  It'll be gorgeous!


Purple is my favorite color, but....I still think I like the blue "Winter" dress better.  Maybe it's the style?  Or the ruffles?  Not sure...although the shades of purple are to die.


The beads will be beautiful on this dress, too.  Two dresses down, two more to go!  "Summer" is up next!  I'm taking a short break from this one (it is...gigantic...and I need a sense of accomplishment...haha); I started a Prairie Schooler Santa on Sunday (Santa Sunday!), and may work a little on that for a bit before coming back and starting the next dress.

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season so far! May your cups of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa always be warm :)