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Land of Liberty | Cross Stitch

Well, friends.  Here we are in August!  I can hardly believe it.  We've had some blistering hot days, but the past few days have been less humid with cooler days coming next week.  Summer so far has been busy; the weekends have been packed with activities, with work keeping the weekdays busy.  I am looking forward to vacation at the end of the summer, that's for sure!

This weekend looks like it's going to be beautiful, so I plan on heading out and enjoying the sunshine.  Perhaps a stroll through Georgetown is in order.  It's been a while since I've taken in the architecture of the city.

I've been doing a bit of stitching; more lately than the past few months, so I've actually gotten a few pieces completed.  

One is "Land of Liberty" by With Thy Needle and Thread.

Land of Liberty #WithThyNeedleandThread #crossstitch #patriotic

I stitched this on 40 ct. Almond from Silkweaver.  I think it helps bring out the red, white, and blue in the flags and Uncle Sam's outfit.

I didn't like the color on the chart for the lettering - Heirloom Gold - so I switched it for Apple Cider.  Much better, I think.  I also changed the color of the pup - I used Hickory he kinda looks like Toto from The Wizard of Oz.  

Land of Liberty #WithThyNeedleandThread #crossstitch #patriotic

There's never a bad time to be stitching patriotic-themed pieces, and I have quite a few more in my stash.  I'm still muscling through Shores of Hawk Run, and I've got a cute Country Cottage Needleworks Christmas piece I'm almost finished with, and Snow Queen that's been untouched for months (I found out the shaded areas don't actually overlap, so I need to copy one side and match it up...), so God only knows what I'll get myself into once I'm finished one of these in my WIP pile!!

First Day. | Cross Stitch

We're officially in the Christmas season, which makes me beyond giddy.  I mean, Thanksgiving is fantastic with all the food and pumpkin pie and all....but, Christmas.  

Lately, I've been stitching some seriously big pieces, and I needed a break from all that.  So, I decided I needed to incorporate some smalls, like ornaments, into my WIP rotation.

Enter, Plum Street Sampler's fabulous Christmas freebies.

First Day | 12 Days of Christmas by Plum Street Samplers #christmas #12daysofchristmas #crossstitch

Have you guys gotten on this wagon yet??  Paulette has the first six days posted on her website - she's posting them all as freebies! (fun fact:  the twelve days of christmas are actually the twelve days after christmas, leading up to the epiphany, not the days before christmas...)  I'm a huge fan of her designs, and these are no exception.  

She doesn't have specific colors listed in the charts, she just says to use red, green, gold, and black.  This one only calls for red and green, so I used the same two I used for Quaker Christmas II - Currant and Blue Spruce.  They're superb Christmas colors, and I have a ton of them left over, so it's a great excuse to use up some thread in my stash!  

I'm so far behind already, but Christmas comes every year, so here's hoping I can get all twelve all done by next Christmas!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas | Cross Stitch

Yeah, I know.  It's been looking like Christmas since before Halloween, but places are starting to put up their lights, so it's really starting to look Christmassy here :-)

Suburban Square in Ardmore, PA #Christmas

If you couldn't guess, Christmas is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year.  I'm a summer baby through-and-through, but Christmas makes me so happy I can hardly stand it.  The music, the lights, the decorations, the card making, the cookie baking, the mulled cider, the hot chocolate, ALL OF IT.  I want it to be always.  

But, then it wouldn't be such a special time of year, so I have to settle and only have it be during December. 


All this Christmas excitement has me pulling out some of my newer (to me) Christmas stitch patterns, like this one from With Thy Needle - 

Letters to Santa #WithThyNeedleandThread #crossstitch #needle #thread

 This is "Letters to Santa" and is adorbs.  I am in love with the snowmen and the giant candy cane in Santa's hand.

Letters to Santa


And the reindeer!  I die. (ps - this second shot is closer to what the fabric really looks like - the lighting distorted the top pic a little)

I haven't decided if I'm gonna frame this (I stitched it on 40 ct. Purely Primitive from Silkweaver, because the 22 ct called for in the graph is just too much.) - it's a 5x5 square - or make it into a small.  I pulled the green fabric from my sewing stash, just to see what it would look like with this piece, and I'm really torn.  I'll probably decide sometime in 2017 what to do with this, but until then, I'll just keep on stitching.  :-)

Are you guys working on anything for Christmas right now?!  Or are you already 2 seasons ahead of me and working on summer stuff???



Well.  It's October.  I don't know how, but it is.

The month of September flew by so fast, and I'm already terrified that I'm going to blink and it'll be Christmas morning.

September is always a busy month for me at work, which doesn't help as time flies on by.

However, I was able to finish Halloween Delivery --


I love that pumpkin in the middle.  I'm not quite sure why, but I do.  Might be the dark burgundy shade...makes it kinda look purple....


I love the flowers that creep down the back of the buggy....


And who doesn't love a raven drawn buggy?  I love this piece, and I'm looking forward to stitching some more of Paulette's creations!  I can't decide if I want to frame this piece, or make it into a little pillow...decisions, decisions.....

That's all I have for you today, guys.  I'm spent.  This week was rough. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to fully recharge and be good as new :-)

Happy Friday, everyone! 


A Baby Gift | Cross Stitch

For the better part of a year, I was working on a pretty big project - a baby gift for my friend, Becky.  I gave some sneaks here and there, but for the most part, it's been super-secret-on-the-down-low.

I gave the gift to Becky yesterday, so I'm now able to do a full reveal of the piece...


I actually had to lay it down on the dining room floor to get the whole thing in the shot.  

Some close ups....




Considering all that'll be a long time before I do this pattern for anyone.  It was brutal.  BUT - the payoff is that it looks amazing.  The detail is incredible.

As always, Lise at my LNS did a phenomenal job with the framing.  It's perfect.  Thank you, Lise!

In case you want to try your hand at this, the graph is ABC Tapestry from Rosewood Manor.  I stitched it on 40 count Purely Primitive from Silkweaver Fabrics.  .

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Happy Stitching!


Beggar's Night | Cross Stitch

In amongst all the travel I did recently, I was able to find some time to stitch.

Not much time, but some.  I've actually been reading a lot more, too, which is fabulous.  I miss it.  I'm in the middle of about six books, so when I was sitting on the beach on Monday, I made some headway on Elizabeth I.  Yeah.  You read that right.  Elizabeth I.  Because I'm a nerd & stuff.

Here's my latest WIP report on Beggar's Night:

Got the urn done, and all the leaves.  Now I'm onto the raven, starting with its tail....

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!



"S" is for... | Cross Stitch

I find that even though I want to be outside more now that the weather seems to finally be getting warmer (although Tuesday there was a wind chill of 28 degrees. i cried a little.), I also have had more of a desire to stitch than I did over this horrid winter.  You'd think when we're all hibernating, I'd want nothing more than to just curl up on the couch and stitch. 


I think I was just too miserable to want to do really anything, even stitch.

But, this past week, I picked up my needle and thread, and got definitely some serious progress done on my Rosewood Manor piece.


The snail in the corner just kills me.



And that seahorse is pretty cool, too.

Stay tuned for the next installment.....

Much love ~~~


Backstitching. Oy.

I have quite a few cross stitch WIPs going on right now...and one very important one, which is a baby gift for one of my good friends from high school.

Now that her son is already a year old, I guess I should, you know, finish stitching it.  


I don't want to give away too many peeks of the gift, so I'll just show this...


As you can imagine, that backstitch is KILLER. does look pretty awesome.  The pattern is from Rosewood Manor, and is called ABC Tapestry.  I'm stitching it on 40 ct......something.  I'll have to get back to you on the actual color.  It's a Silkweaver fabric, that I know. 

Getting old sucks.  I can't remember anything.  (sigh)

I'm stitching with DMC 843, which is a dark navy.

I promise to give a few more updates as I go along, and I'll post a pic of the finished product once I'm done!

What are you all stitching this weekend?!  It's supposed to be nice here in Philly, so I know I'm going to try and get out and enjoy the weather, but I will be working on this gift, as well!

Much love ~~~



Six More Weeks of Winter. Thanks, Phil. | Cross Stitch

Well, our buddy, Phil, out in Punxsutawney, PA predicted six more weeks of winter yesterday, and I'm not happy about it.  We've had plenty of snow already, thankyouverymuch, so I'm done.  I'm ready for spring.

Oh, but funny thing.  Today's another day with snow in the forecast.  A winter storm warning was issued.  This one's coming with ICE.  


Moving on from that wretched topic.

Friday, I stopped by my LNS to pick up my Quaker Christmas II.  I am not even kidding you --- I may be slightly biased since I stitched this, but dear God --- this piece is STUNNING framed.


I apologize - this is not the greatest lighting - the only place I can get decent pics is in my dining room, with the piece laying on my table.  The red is "Current" and the green is "Blue Spruce", both from Crescent Colours (which is now Classic Colorworks), and are the colors called for in the graph.  They're both much deeper, richer Christmas colors than this picture can demonstrate.  

When I brought the piece in to pick a frame, I was going back and forth with red frames, not really considering black.  Then, we asked the framer for her opinion, and she suggested black to really bring out both the red and the green, and viola!  This also happens to be one of my favorite frames - I got the same frame, just a different finish, for my Cricket Collection "Sleepy Hollow".

I mean, really.  This frame.  Perfect.


A close-up of the top portion of the piece ~ the "We Three Kings" motif is one of my favs ~~


 And the "I Saw Three Ships" motif is also a fav ~~

Like the shop owner said, every time you look at it, you see something different!  

This piece was SO fun to stitch (even though it took a LONG time, it's well worth the effort!!), so I encourage you all to put this in your "to stitch" pile!  

Special thank you to Lise for framing this for me, since she wasn't in the shop when I picked it up so I could thank her in person!  It's stunning!  Thank you!

Stay warm, my friends, especially those of you out in the MidWest!!  


Pay It Forward

This fall marked my 13th year as one of the marching instructors for my high school marching band.  13 years that flew right on by.  It started as a community service project for one of my seminar classes my junior year in college, and I just kept on teaching.

Finals 2103

I'm kind of a band geek.

And guess what?  I'm totes ok with this.  I'm an athlete at my very core, and nothing makes me happier than holding a softball, even just to  imagine striking someone out one last time, but there's something about the arts, music especially, that just captivates me.

The staff has become some of my closest friends, and at this point, I honestly don't know what I'd do without my time with them 3 days a week during the season. 

This year has had its rough patches, and this fall, through the kindess of the music program, I was the recipient of a random act of kindness (RAK).  And guess what?  I've decided to pay that forward.

So here, today, I'm announcing a giveaway right here on this lil' ol' blog.  I'm forever grateful for all those who stop here, see what I create, get inspired, leave comments, etc.  I'm all over Instagram, snapping pics of what I do, bake, create, all of it, and I'm also constantly inspired by those creatives that I follow.   I LOVE seeing what everyone is stitching (I seriously need to get caught up on Plum Street Samplers' Christmas SAL....)

For the stitchers who follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, click on the insta link on the right and follow the insanity!!), you know I'm 16 shades of crazy, because I'm almost always stitching on 40 count fabric.  I know right.  Insane.

But I also know that there are other crazies out there, and if you love fabric as much as I do, you'll love what I'm offering.

These beautiful pieces of fabric ---


From left to right, they are: Sandcastle, Antique Gold (which looks green in this picture, but there is a gold twinge to it in person), Brandied Apples, and Buttercream.  Each piece measures 13" x 18".

All fabrics are from Silkweaver, and are AWESOME.  I've totally fallen in love with the quality fabric they have, and the dyes are amazing.

So, what do you have to do to be entered?  Simple - leave me a comment, and tell me what you're grateful for this fall, and for what you'd use the fabric.  A host of Christmas ornaments?  A bunch of Blackbird Designs smalls for your home decor?  A gift for a friend?!  The possibilites are endless :-)

This giveaway will be open through 30 November 13.  Tell your friends!  Share the wealth!  Pay it forward!!

Much love ~~~



Update on 1 December 2013 - this giveaway is now closed.  Thank you!!