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How how how how HOW is it August???  HOW.

I saw this in Michaels on Friday and wept.


I mean, I get it.  We crafters have to stay a season ahead, and I tend to stitch Christmas things year-round which is ironically ok in my brain, but for some reason, when the Halloween decorations and crafts start hitting the stores mid-summer, I lose my shit.  Next week, I'll be seeing Christmas ribbon when it's still 105 degrees outside, and I'll end up crying & rocking in a corner of the store.


Know what's fun to do when you're still crying inside after leaving Michaels and all the Halloween paraphernalia, and because you know the Christmas nonsense will be hitting stores sooner than you care to admit ("ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!"  You're welcome.), and then the dead of winter latches on and makes you want to just hibernate with boozy hot chocolate (or, let's be honest, just hot toddies on tap...) until it's July?  Make custom crafts for your friends that are not holiday themed.

One of my friends saw a banner on etsy that she was going to get for a bridal shower for which she's one of the planners, and asked me if I could make it for her instead.

Um, of course I can do that.  It gives me a reason to take my Cricut out for a spin, and also do a little distressing, which is my newest favorite thing to do.  My other newest favorite thing to do is prettify my planner, but that's a story for another day.  

So, I asked Erin to send me a pic of what she wanted, and asked what the bride's colors were, and got to work.  

Well, first I got the I got to work once that ran its course.


Banners are quite possibly the simplest things to put together, yet they really can make a huge difference in your party decor.  It's always the simplest things that are best, isn't it??

With my trusty kraft paper and purple and orange to work with, I had a blasty blast putting this banner together.  Because, purple wins.  Always.

Bridal shower banner #banner #papercraft #bridalshower

How cute is that lil' saying?!  

Ok, so, first I distressed the edges of the square backings - 

distressed edges using Tim Holtz tea dye ink #distress

Then, I used my Cricut to cut out the letters and hearts and just glued 'em on the kraft squares - 

distressed banner #banner #bridalshower #distress

I sanded the surface once they were dry to give it a little bit of a rustic look.

distressed bridal shower banner #distress #bridalshower #banner

For some reason, the one thing I could never figure out with all the banners I've made previously, was how to keep the pieces of the banner attached to the twine, and used all kinds of methods to keep them attached.  Then, the other day, it hit me:  HOT GLUE.

DUDE.  DUH.   

I cannot even explain to you how much that revelation changed my life.

distressed bridal shower banner #banner #bridalshower #distress

Stupid cute, amiright?! 

Happy Tuesday, friends.  Make it a good one, and keep the fresh coffee brewing.


Photobooth!!! | Scrapbooking

First, let me apologize - Typepad was down for most of the past week, and it's only now that I'm able to do this post.  Thanks for bearing with me and hopefully there won't be any issues anymore!!!

Last night I (finally) felt like I needed to bond with my craft room and do some scrapping.

I've had these photobooth strips chillin since Ang & Joe's wedding...back in October.

Yeah.  I know.  A solid 8 months ago.

Procrastination is what I do best.  

I decided for this layout (which is a bare-bones take on a Studio Calico sketch) that I'd let the photos tell the story.  


The back is black heavy cardstock, splashed with Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Bronzer.  I used a Studio Calico gold camera, Teresa Collins "smile" chipboard element, Prima flowers, and heat embossed a Tim Holtz stamp on the journal card.


My friend, Erin, is the creeper from Blair Witch in that bottom photo.  You may remember her photobomb from my sister's wedding.  She's a bit ridiculous, and I love her.


Erin also convinced the guy at our table with the gigantic handlebar moustache to go into the photobooth with us.  It.was.awesome.  

Apparently the more I drink, the more I want to wear fedoras.

I kinda love fedoras.  I wish I could pull that look off on a normal day, not just in the photobooth with Wyatt Earp.

Congrats, again, to Angela & Joe - your wedding was beautiful & we all had a blasty blast at your reception.

Wedding Shadowbox | Scrapbooking

Hello friends!  We're bracing for yet another arctic blast here in the northeast, which I am NOT happy about.  It's bringing a snowstorm with it today, and I'm quite frankly just over it.  Yeah, I know.  It's only January.  But still.  Over it.

I hate winter.  I'm 33 going on 90 when the temps dip below 60 degrees.  My whole body just hurts.  UGH.


One good thing about hibernating during these really cold days is that I get a little more time to craft than I do when it's warmer, simply because I make it a point to be outside more often when it's warm.

My friends Angela & Joe got married in October, so it was time to use some of this hibernation to make the shadowbox from their invitation.  If you've followed me for a while, you know I've done one for my sister, my friend Danielle, my friend Jamie, and my friend Erin's sister-in-law.

It's seriously is a shame that everyone's beautiful invitations just get tossed aside after the main event, which is why I started doing this with the invitations I receive.

Plus, it's fun!


Ang's colors were black and champagne, so I got as close as I could to the champagne with bronze.  I sprayed the black background with Heidi Swapp's Color Shine in Bronzer, and used her Color Magic hearts, which I also sprayed in Bronzer.  I used my Cricut to cut out the "H" monogram, using glitter paper, and black for the shadow.  The font is from the "Tie the Knot" cartridge.

Simple, yet elegant.



Congrats, guys!  Love you both!


December Daily - Day One. Sorta. | Scrapbooking

This is the part of my December Daily album that gets tricky.  Well, at this point anyway.  

I don't have a photo fact, I don't have a printer at all (it's a long story), but have been eyeing up a Canon all-in-one on Amazon that I might just have to get for I can't just run downstairs to my office from my craft room to print pics and then run back up and put them right into my album.  So, I'll have to wait till I have about a week's worth of pics, then order them (my fav place to get exceptional quality prints is Persnickety Prints - they are AMAYYYYZING).

BUT, in the meantime, I can at least space out my pages until the pics arrive.

I decided to start the section of the album for this year with my friend Lucie's wedding from 30 November.  She and I used to work together about 8-9 years ago, and I used to tutor her daughter in Spanish when she was in high school.  Feels like a lifetime ago.

I saved the "Save the Date" card, and a few other things from the wedding day, and made them the first pages in the album.


Then, I added the pamphlet from the ceremony, 


and the menu from dinner...which was TO DIE....


The opposing page to the one with the pamphlet from the ceremony will have pics (which need to be printed....hang tight....), one of which will be this one of me and Sam (Lucie's daughter) from the reception -


 I posted this on Saturday to Instagram, and later realized something - I'm not one to post pics of myself (I feel ridic taking selfies) so people probably have NO IDEA which one is me!!!

I'm on the left, wearing my favorite color, purple.  :-)  Sam was one of the bridesmaids, and she looked gorgeous, as always.  Love that girl.


Shadowbox Fun | Scrapbooking

Wedding invitations can be absolutely gorgeous.  We spend all this money for invitations, and then sadly, they all get tossed into the trash.

One of the things I've been doing recently for my friends is creating shadowboxes with their wedding invitation and a picture.   I've done this for my sister, my friend Danielle, and my friend Erin's brother and sister-in-law (if you remember - they're the ones who got married in a CASTLE), and they've all turned out super cool, each one unique to the recipient.

My friend, Jamie, sent out beautiful inviations in black and white, complete with ribbon.  So, I set out with a black shadowbox, and was able to adorn it with multiple colors, since each of her bridesmaids had a different color gerbera daisy bouquet. 

I chose a Core'dinations black for the base...which had pink inside.  I sanded it, and viola.


The pink came right through :-)

I took my Heidi Swapp Color Shine sprays and some of her Color Magic flowers, sprayed, and stuck 'em in between the two pieces of the invitation on the one side ~~


I'm still obsessed with the gold Color Shine, btdubs.  Sprayed it all over the top of these flowers.  I'd've sprayed it all over the damn place, but I refrained.  Love that stuff so much.

On the other side, I put a picture of Jamie & Rich, plus the ribbon and monogram that held the invitation together.

The "Love you" card on top of the picture is from the Project Life Midnight Edition.  Love those PL core sets - they can be used with anything, not just PL!!

And here's the whole thing!  Yay!  I was leery of having too much negative space, but couldn't figure any embellishments that didn't make it look overdone, so I just left it.  

There you have it, folks.  Another fun shadowbox by yours truly, preserving another memory of a wonderful day.

Happy  Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!



Wedding Shower Goodies

We all spend so much time with our coworkers, so it's only right that you have some fun during the day.

In our office, we sometimes have too much fun, but when you become good friends with your coworkers, it's bound to happen.

Last week, we were able to celebrate our friends Angela & Joe's pending nuptuals (they got married this past Saturday - yay!) with a combined work bride/groom shower.  Yes, Ang & Joe both work in our office.  In fact, Joe works on my team and Ang works on my sister's team.

Ang is my baking buddy - she worked at a bakery during college, and makes crazy amazing cakes like this one that she did for another coworker's baby shower.  A.MAY.ZING.  We always seem to find ourselves chatting about opening a bakery one day.   

Oh, to dream.


My sister was in charge of most everything, but a bunch of us chipped in to help out with decorations and baking and buying gifts.

I put my Cricut to work, and made this banner for the event --


Her colors were champagne and black, so I did a cream-ish color with the black background and lettering.

As for baking, I made these little maple cakelettes ---

I didn't make these gluten free (I decided to back off the baked goods...I'd inhaled an entire orange spice pumpkin loaf earlier in the week....), but they were gone in no time, so I'm assuming they were fabulous :-)

Erin brought in these cupcakes for the event --

Wicked cute, amiright?!  

Since we were doing a combo bride/groom shower, we had to have a few things that were more manly, so my sister made these a-freaking-dorable cupcakes ---

OK!!!  And they were chocolate with some sort of Irish cream icing with beer batter or somethingorother.  I don't know.  They looked and smelled beyond delish.  

Here's the dessert table in all its glory -


There were also pumpkin oreo bites which somehow didn't make it into the picture, but they also looked devine.  I'm obsessed with pumpkin this time of year, so I was drooling all over the place when they walked into the door.  


No shower is complete without gifts!  We had a table set up with all the gifts, wrapped all nice and pretty from Bed Bath and Beyond for them both to open --

Yes, that one gift is wrapped in dish towels.  Eco friendly, and a great idea!

It was a team effort, led by my sis & Erin.  We had a great time, and Ang & Joe were extremely grateful.

Now they're in Hawaii, relaxing and drinking passion fruit smoothies.  Heavy on the rum.  And I'm totally jealous.

Ang & Joe - love you guys - I hope your honeymoon is off to a fantastic start!  Enjoy every second :-)  

Much love ~~~


OMG. Shoes.

In my last post with my sister's wedding gift, I made a comment about our hotttt yellow shoes that us bridesmaids wore with our pewter dresses.  I didn't want to distract from the stitched piece, so I didn't post a pic.

Enter this post.  It's all about shoes.  OMG.  Shoes.

Mine are on the left - one of the other bridesmaids wore the ones on the right.  Holy hotttt amiright???  Those babies were a solid 4 inches high, with a platform.  

The obligatory "get in a circle and take a pic of your shoes" shot. 

Picture time on the front lawn!

And all our bouquets, purses, and shoes, lined up in the limo on the way to the reception.

Fun, right??!!!!

I really need to find somewhere else to wear those shoes....





So, There Was This Wedding... | Cross Stitch

It was my little sister's, and she looked beautiful.

Naturally, I had to stitch something that fully captured her on this day, which was no easy task.

I was able to find a pattern, and made some changes so it was more personal; more....her.

Full wedding gift shot
This is a Lavender and Lace pattern called "The Wedding".  If you click the link, you'll see an obvious change I made to the original graph - I took out the flower girl.  My sis didn't have a flower girl, so I didn't really see the point in having her kinda creeped me out back there.  Just sayin'.  Also, I took out the veil, since my sis didn't wear one. looked like ribbon dancers (who else remembers them?!!!?) exploded from her hair.  No thanks.

Here's a quick close-up of the frame -

Corner close up wedding gift
Love the detail on this frame - it's not too much, but just enough to accent the piece.

For my version of this gorgeous piece, I changed the color of the flowers to yellow, since the color of the flowers in our bouquets was yellow (as were our shoes...hottttt....), and I changed the ribbons to grey, since our bridesmaids' dresses were pewter.

I quickly became obsessed with the folds in the dress....they look so fluffy and fun :-)  And the beads on the bottom give the illusion of lace along the bottom edge.


A close-up of the bride and groom....


Like with the flowers on the dress and the bouquet in the bride's hand, I changed the color of the flowers pouring out of the "U" in the wording at the top.  I changed the gold thread from the DMC called for in the pattern to a Kreinik.  I hate Kreinik threads with a firey passion, but sometimes, there's just no way around it - you have to stitch with them to create the look.

I wanted this to be perfect, so there was a lot of ripping out & doing over, but I think it turned out just how I envisioned.  Simple, elegant, and classic.  

And the bride is in a poofy dress...just like Cinderella would wear...and I'm sure that's exactly how my lil sis felt that day - just like a princess :-)

So, there ya have it, folks.  The long-awaited lil' sis wedding gift!  It was torture not being able to show WIPs to you all, but I do hope it was worth the wait !!


Much love ~~~


A Wedding Gift Sneak | Cross Stitch

If you've been following me for a while, you know that when my sister got married last June, I went slightly overboard and made a ton of stuff for her.  I couldn't help it.  I designed the "Save the Dates", I made her guest book for the shower, I preserved her invitation in a shadowbox, and I made a scrapbook of the candid pics taken from different events and activities leading up to and including the wedding day (I also made mini albums for each of the bridesmaids).  There may have been other things along the way that I made, too, but I honestly can't remember.  I'm so old.   Ugh.

Now, as most of you know, the main work that I post here are WIPs and finishes of cross stitch projects that I do.  I throw in scrapbook/cardmaking projects along the way, as well as sewing projects, but the main thing I do is stitch.

I've denied you WIPs for a long time, because I've been working on my sister's wedding gift, and I don't want anyone to see the project until it's done and in her hands.  Then I'll feel comfortable showing you all the entire finished piece.

However...I decided tonight after finishing some of the detail work on the words at the top, that I needed to show you at least a little something.  A sneak.

As usual, I made some major changes to this piece, one of which is the color of the flowers throughout.  Rachel's colors were grey and yellow - we all held yellow bouquets, so I thought it only fitting that I changed all the flowers in this piece to match the bouquets we held.  There is one other change I made to the piece, but I'll reveal all that when I do the full post in the near future.

Until then, I'll leave you with this ---

Much love ~~~